The transition programme will facilitate the development of two very different blueprints and the creation of two distinct councils focused on the specific communities they will serve.

Vesting Day - the first official day of the two new councils - is April 1, 2023. Though this is a significant milestone, it will not be the end of the journey with a process of transformation continuing for many years after this point.

Work to create two distinct new unitary councils within the area currently covered by seven separate authorities is a complex process and already underway.

A clear timeline is in place with key milestones set by the Government. 

This includes:

  • The laying before Parliament of a Structural Changes Order (SCO). The SCO provides the legal basis on which to implement change to local government structures and was adopted in March 2022

  • Creation of Joint Committees by March 2022 to consider the design of the new authorities.

  • Elections to Shadow Authorities on Thursday 5 May 2022.

  • Vesting Day - the day when the two new councils become operational - on April 1 2023.

  • Continued transformation beyond this point.

A transition programme is now in place including a full governance structure. 

This structure comprises:

  • The Cumbria Leaders Oversight Forum, made up of the Leaders of the county's seven local authorities with their respective Chief Executives also in attendance.
  • The Chief Executives Programme Board, made up of the senior officer within each of the seven councils, supported by a Programme Director and Programme Management Office.
  • The Workstream/Programme Boards, chaired by the theme/workstream sponsor and involving senior service/functional leads from the seven councils.