Key dates

This is a full timeline - from the date Government invited councils to submit proposals - to vesting day the first day of operation for the two new councils.

The Government invited Cumbrian councils to submit locally-led proposals for unitary local government

Government invites Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Somerset to submit locally-led proposals for unitary local government.

Deadline for outline submissions

Deadline for full submissions

The government began a consultation on the four proposals put forward by the Cumbrian authorities:

Proposals for locally-led reorganisation of local government in Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Somerset

The government announced that it intended to proceed with a two-unitary 'east/west' model

"Drafting of the Structural Changes Order (SCO). This is the agreement through Parliament that sets out the process of creating new councils."

The Cumbria (Structural Changes) Order 2022 

The SCO will be agreed by Parliament

Elections to be held throughout Cumbria to "shadow" authorities. These will oversee the transition/implementation plans, including the development of budgets and a management team, to facilitate the effective transition to new arrangements.

Vesting Day - when the two new councils start to operate.

Work starts on transforming the delivery of council services