Glossary of terms

Local Government Reorganisation (LGR)

The process by which local government in Cumbria will transition from the current tiered structure with the county council and six district councils to two new unitary councils from 1 April 2023. 

Structural Changes Order (SCO)

The legislation for approval by Parliament that sets out the process of creating new councils and provides the legal basis on which to implement the change to local government structures creating the new authorities from the Vesting Day, 1 April 2023.

Senior Responsible Officer (SRO)

The SRO role has overall accountability for ensuring the programme meets its objectives, delivers the projected outcomes and realises the required benefits in the timescales set out.  The SRO role provides overall programme team leadership and stakeholder management and chairs the CEXs Programme Board.  The SRO can be provided by an individual or through joint arrangements with more than one person acting in the role and providing collective leadership across the programme.

Programme Management Office (PMO)

Responsible for the overall governance, control, and coordination of the programme. Oversees programme management methodology, programme reporting and budget management.  Performs a semi-independent assurance role ensuring all parts of the programme are on track.

Predecessor Council

The current councils, which will cease to exercise functions once the new authorities take on all functions on the Vesting Day.

Joint Committees

Two committees (one for Cumberland and one for Westmorland and Furness) are to be established and will be responsible for overseeing implementation of Local Government Reorganisation from just after the SCO comes into force until the Shadow Authorities come into existence.

Shadow Authority

A Shadow Authority will oversee the creation of the brand new council. This will mean there are two shadow authorities created - one for Cumberland and one for Westmorland and Furness. Subject to the SCO, it is anticipated that these shadow authorities will be in place in May 2022 following elections.

CEX Programme Board

The Chief Executive Programme Board meeting is part of the joint programme arrangements across all seven councils and its purpose is to be an overarching joint body responsible for programme implementation.

Cumbria Leaders Oversight Forum (CLOF)

Comprising Leaders of each of the seven councils, the forum provides political oversight for the timely delivery of the LGR Programme.

Vesting Day

The date on which the new councils come into effect which the Secretary of State has indicated will be 1 April, 2023.

Day 0

The point in the implementation programme which sees the establishment and operation of the two Shadow Authorities, following elections (May 2022).

Day 1 Readiness

The activity to ensure the essential requirements for the two new authorities to operate effectively are identified, agreed and delivered for Day 1.  Day 1 (also called Vesting Day) is 1 April 2023.

Safe and Legal 

The arrangements that we need to have in place to ensure that the new authorities are operating both safely (to protect workforce, visitors, service users and customers) and legally (within the requirements of our statutory obligations and the law).

Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC)

Government department responsible for local government, replacing the now defunct, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.