Glossary of terms

Structural Changes Order

The legislation for approval by Parliament that sets out the process of creating new councils, expected to be finalised in Autumn 2021 setting out what will then happen over the following 18 months and then approved by Parliament early in 2022.

Predecessor council

The current councils, which will cease to exercise functions once the new authorities take on all functions on the Vesting Day.

Vesting Day

The date on which the new councils come into effect which the Secretary of State has indicated will be 1 April 2023.


Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government - name now changed to Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. 

Implementation team

The team of officers from across all of the councils who will support the planning and management of the programme to implement the new councils

Senior Responsible Officer

Overall accountability for ensuring the programme meets its objectives, delivers the projected outcomes and realises the required benefits in the timescales set out. Chairs the Chief Executives Programme Board. Position is held by Gill Steward, Chief Executive of Cumbria County Council.